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Emotional Landscapes

“Having been told what a great studio Powerbase was, I was still stunned by the quality of the facility. The live room is such an inspiring place to create music, and the control room and outboard gear mean that the magic that happens when you play gets recorded and mixed to the very highest standard. Dan Kane is a great guy to work with, and I can’t recommend the studio enough!” ~Steve Lawson, London, England

A recording oasis where I feel wonderfully inspired to create, perform and bring to fruition my musical journeys, guided, encouraged and helped in the most outstanding way by a great musician, engineer and human being, Dan Kane. ~Markella Hatziano

“Working with Dan Kane was such a pleasure. He’s not just about pushing buttons and adjusting sliders, he has a talented ear and helps to create something above and beyond the original intention. The whole heart of the place lends itself to creativity.” ~Lobelia, Montreal, Canada


When I first went to visit the studio in 2006, I wasn't sure what to expect out of a Nebraska recording studio, but learned quickly that my fears were for naught. The main room, control room and isolation booth were beautiful - in a visual sense, but, more importantly in an acoustic sense. One could be assured of a pristine, purity of sound, especially with Dan's extensive array of microphones. The state-of-the-art studio and environment is fantastic, but what makes it all come together is Dan Kane himself, with his down-to-earth personality, incredible engineering knowledge and breathtaking editing skills that are hard to find anywhere in the world! ~Steve 'STYVYN' Larson

"My experience at powerbase studio has been nothing short of incredible. Dan has the vision and tools to bring my music to the next level. His understanding and theory of music has far surpassed my expectations. The rooms sound amazing. The comfort and convenience of all the high grade instruments he has makes it even more enjoyable. The professional, yet casual atmosphere that Power Base Studio creates makes you never want to leave. Being from out of town, the luxury living quarters were a life saver. Dan’s hospitality was incredible. I can’t wait to start my next project up at Power Base." Josh Hill, Lincon , Nebraska

"Being at Power Base Studio has always felt like a vacation for my soul and mind.  I've created some of the best music of my life under the influence of these walls.  This structure is more than a recording studio, it's an experience.  I feel very connected to my art, so It only makes sense to choose the best of environments to capture it in." ~Dustin Prinz

“Just a short note to thank you for the great work on our last project. We sincerely appreciate the hospitality and your willingness to work with our schedule. Our project is important to us and we are impressed that you took a personal interest in the quality and musicality of the project. By the way, the new studio is fantastic! Very comfortable and a great room to sing in.” ~Eric, The Master Quartet, Wayne, Nebraska

“Dan,a true professional who is easy to work with and makes my ideas become a reality. In a laid back environment and in Dan’s willingness to take the time needed to produce a great song is an understatement. I am in the process of recording my fourth album at the Power Base Studio and am glad to say I am very pleased to have Dan on my team. I look forward to the next albums I will record in the future.” ~Dale, West Point, Nebraska

“Power Base Studios and Dan Kane has made my music everything I thought it could possibly be and more…With an elegant, professional, and comfortable relaxed atmosphere, I don’t think words can appropriately support the depth and quality that Dan provides from his services.” ~Paul, Henderson, Nebraska


“The luxurious living quarters were a wonderful place to take a break when we needed to. We are certain our music and hence, the recording was much better than if we had tried to do it a morning here, an evening there, ect. Getting away from the real world and working at our own pace was certainly the best way for us to get the highest quality performance.” ~Nancy, Lincoln, Nebraska


"Dan Kane and Power Base Studios truly help make my dream of recording my first studio album come true.  Power Base is a wonderful studio in a great location.  Dan offers so much knowledge in the recording process before, during and after setting foot in the studio.  I don't know if word can describe how wonderful of a experience I had at Power Base.  The Studio and Dan as well offered such a comfortable atmosphere that the creativity of making my songs the best they could be effortless.  Anyone seriously wanting to capture their music to last a lifetime and to be the best quality recording I sincerely hope you get in touch with Dan at Power Base.  For my first time entering a recording studio the experience was amazing so it made the question of whether or not I will do it again a unamimous "YOU BET"" ~Ted Miller

I have owned and operated many business in the marketing field. In business, your image can be very important. When it comes to recording trainings, promotions, voiceovers and other medias, we have used many high level boutique agencies. What I felt I was left with was an average result and an extraordinary bill. Working with Power Base Studios has been a very refreshing experience. From Dan's amazing interest in our projects, to the quality of the product, to the final bill. . . I can't imagine ever using anyone again. I would recommend anyone wanting to lay down any kind of quality audio to use their service.

~Dan Allison, Founder- CEO Feedback Marketing Group

I have been a musician for more than 50 years. My career has taken me everywhere in the country and ultimately led to recording in some of the best studios in Nashville after playing with the Grand Ole Opry. Since retiring I have long wanted to lay down some quality music but the idea of heading back to Nashville and spending the unreasonable amount of money it takes for studio time just didn't seem feasible. I recorded my last CD in Dan Kane's Power Base Studio. The quality was amazing and the price was so much more reasonable that what I have been used to. It was one of the best recording experiences of my life. I hate to tell my Nashville friends, but I may not be back. ~Dick Allison, Former Grand Ole Opry Artist

My band and I have been working with Dan at Power Base Studio since our first album and each experience has been excellent.  Dan has a great ear, and always has great ideas to help us reach our musical goals.  The studio itself is an amazing space with anything and everything we have ever dreamed of using  for our recordings.  While I love the great space, atmosphere, mics, amps, etc. what I really like about working with Dan is that he is always experimenting and learning.  He constantly invests time into finding new sounds and increasing his knowledge.  Finally, I love to learn new things, so the fact that Dan is willing to explain and help me understand is a huge bonus.  I can't wait to get back into the studio to see what we (ColdSweat) and Dan will do next. ~Keith Schroetlin - ColdSweat





I’ve just completed my third CD with Powerbase Studios in Wisner, NE and I’d like to put in a plug with every musician (aspiring or old veteran, like myself!) within earshot....Dan Kane is without a doubt one of the most gifted recording engineers/producers I’ve had the honor to know and work with in my 50-plus years of professional music.  I’ve been recording since the early 1970’s and will attest that his “studio on the prairie” is a state-of-the-art operation that rivals any I’ve been in in Nashville, Denver, Los Angeles or anywhere else!!  Dan has an uncanny ability to “hear” innovative licks, harmonies, “oohs and aahs” and all other components that add up to a successful recording, whether you are a single entertainer (as I am) or a full band or choral ensemble.  My primary sales market is in the lower Texas Rio Grande Valley and those folks simply love what we’ve been able to “concoct” for them in quality musical recordings.  I urge you to discover this truly unique experience and this remarkable will never forget the experience and will forever appreciate the results of your artistic accomplishments!! Thanks again, Dan! ~Lynn Dvorak

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